Avenging spirits demand 100 beasts

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Avenging spirits demand 100 beasts Mbuya Elizabeth Chibvura (left) comes face to face with the unidentified woman possessed with avenging spirits at the Acting Chief Saunyama's court (Pictures by Tinai Nyadzayo).

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Nyore Madzianike and Liberty Dube
A NYANGA family is having a torrid time and enduring the wrath of a menacing avenging spirits (ngozi), which have caused untold suffering that included mysterious deaths and fires within the clan.

The spirits are seeking appeasement in the form of 100 beasts and $500 from the Chibvura family after one of the family members, the late Robert Chibvura, reportedly obtained wealth-enhancing charms in 1982.

The beasts and the cash are supposed to be given to the Muronzwa family in Mapako Village of Nyanga.

Acting Chief Saunyama’s court recently heard that Robert sought the goblins from a sangoma in Mapako Village, but failed to meet their demands before his death a few years ago.

In 2012, the goblins began tormenting the Chibvura family, causing deaths and misfortunes in the family as well as sending mysterious letters with a weird handwriting.

Mysterious fires blazed huts and other property, with mysterious stones pelting family members, particularly those who were directly involved in the money-spinning shenanigans.

The spirit manifested through a local woman.

Acting Chief Saunyama was told during a court hearing held at his homestead in Nyanga last Friday that the beleaguered Chibvura family consulted several witchdoctors to quell the fires to no avail.

One of the eldest members of the family, Mbuya Elizabeth Chibvura, who attended the court session, confessed that her son, Robert Chibvura, acquired the “goblins” which were in the form of three roots.

She said the late Robert lied to her and his wife that the roots would boost their goat project. The goblins were allegedly obtained from Cuthbert Muronzwa.

Mbuya Elizabeth, however, let the cat out of the bag after the avenging spirit had threatened to cause more harm if the Chibvura family failed to co-operate.

“I am losing memory, but I know that he came with three separate roots and buried them in the garden. Akati midzi iyi ichaita kuti mbudzi dziberekane dzakawanda. We never thought they were goblins. I acknowledge everything this possessed woman (avenging spirit) is saying. We want peace by paying compensation,” said Elizabeth.

The spirit, speaking through the woman, baffled those who were in attendance when it revealed that Mbuya Chibvura knew about Robert’s evil shenanigans.

“We want to kill six more people because it seems you are not ready to engage us in settlement negotiations. We need rest. If you drag your feet, we will cause more harm.

“Robert acquired us, but failed to follow instructions. We were supposed to be returned to our owner in Mapako, but he did not take heed. We will continue to cause more harm because you (Chibvura family) are arrogant,” claimed the avenging spirits through the woman.

Popular traditional healer and exorcist, Shingirai Mukotsanjera, who conducted the session, later begged the spirits to calm down.

The Chibvura family also begged the spirits to review their demands downwards. It was agreed that the family would compensate with 10 beasts and $500 as “a matter of urgency”.

Mukotsanjera, who suffered a torrid time to control the avenging spirits’ anger, advised the Chibvura family not to take the spirits for granted.

“These spirits are serious and can cause more harm.  They are angry and determined to kill. The appeasement should be done as soon as possible. I always say the only remedy to an avenging spirit is appeasement and it is unfortunate and sad that Mbuya Elizabeth kept the secret and allowed the spirits to torment innocent souls,” he said.

Acting Chief Saunyama confirmed having received a mysterious anonymous letter which was warning the perpetrators to act fast before the avenging wreaks more havoc.

“We were worried because when we engaged the woman (avenging spirits) before the court session she refused to eat. She rejected any food we offered her. We believe the engagement of exorcist Mukotsanjera will finally put to bed the mysterious happenings in the Chibvura family,” he said.

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