Avenging spirit changes tact . . . claims ailing perpetrators will not die till they appease

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Avenging spirit changes tact . . . claims ailing perpetrators will not die till they appease Headman Chigodora

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Tendai Gukutikwa
Weekender Reporter

AN avenging spirit of a teenager who was allegedly killed in the 1950s is claiming that it is the force behind the mysterious illnesses of an elderly Zimunya couple aged 102 and 96 respectively, but declared that they will not die until they appease him.

The spirit, which only identifies itself as Vashco from Mozambique, claims he was killed by Rodha Chikowo (96).

It also claims that Rodha’s husband, Zekius Chikowo (102), is aware of the murder as he helped his wife bury the body.

The matter has been pending before Headman Chigodora’s court for the past two years and is yet to be finalised.

Vascho’s spirit, which is manifesting on the elderly couple’s niece, Sarah Chikowo, claims that it will not allow the duo to die until they admit to their sins and appease his restless spirit.

Vashco is alleged to have been the couple’s herdboy when he was allegedly murdered.

Said Sarah as she was in a trance recently: “I was killed by Rodha while Zekius was away. When Zekius came back home and saw my body, he helped his wife to carry and buried it in a shallow grave at their farm where my remains were later discovered. I was not accorded a decent burial. I will not let them rest until they appease me. No one from this family will prosper. You will all suffer if you do not appease my death.”

This, according to family members, has resulted in the elderly couple suffering from unexplained ailments and misfortunes over the years.

“It is not only affecting the couple because the ailments and misfortunes are now affecting their grandchildren and great grandchildren,” said a relative, Greta Chitowo.

In an interview, Greta said they are living in fear that someone might die as the avenging spirit gave them until last August to appease it.

“The avenging spirit had given us until August last year to raise money so that the perpetrators can travel to Mozambique and finalise the appeasement with Vashco’s family, but my brother-in-law and his wife insist that they have nothing to do with Vashco’s death. Vashco is baying for our blood and we need assistance. The matter has been dragging before Headman Chigodora’s court for a long time,” she said.


It is alleged that Vashco’s remains were discovered at the Chitowo farm by Chengetayi and Lastone Chitowo as they were moulding bricks.

“When Zekius realised that his grandsons had stumbled upon the remains, he grabbed a shovel from one of them and told them that he would deal with the bones as they were the remains of a liberation war hero who died during the struggle. Up to now the remains are yet to be removed,” said Gogo Greta Chitowo.

When he appeared before Headman Chigodora’s court, Zekius vehemently denied that his wife killed Vashco.


His wife remained quiet.

The family was instructed to consult traditional healers over the issue.

The couple, however, has remained adamant that their hands are clean.

The matter is yet to be re-convened before the community court.


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