Appropriate office attire

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Appropriate office attire

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If you ask yourself: “How to wear lace at work?,” Then I got some tips on awesome office attire. I tell you, honestly, this kind of wear may be quite tricky, as it has to look professional and working hours appropriate.

Of course every girl and lady wants a statement and attracting look. I am here to show you some amazing ways to make this fabric not look like lingerie.

I’ve always loved lace and it has been my go-to fabric whenever I want to look romantic and sultry. This lustrous material is one that never dates and has a magical effect that makes me feel super feminine whenever I put it on.

As gorgeous as lace might be, it is usually not encouraged in a workplace setting (especially for a conservative office) because of its suggestive connotations.

When styled incorrectly, it may come across as lingerie-like, making you look like the protagonist in a steamy romance novel.

However, there are some days where we would love to sport a statement look for a boost of confidence and wearing lace will do exactly that.

While it’s true that some lace tops look more alluring and boudoir-esque than others, it’s more about how the lace is worn and not so much in the lace itself. Here are five foolproof ways on how you can nail this fabric for your nine-to-five style at the office.

Choose light/neutral colours

If you want to keep your look more casual and conjure up a more innocent vibe, neutral coloured lace for example white and beige will do the trick.

Go for “big” lace

There are many different types of lace, classified by how they are made. One of the lace motifs with the least “boudoir” integrity would be macramé lace. It’s a form of textile-making using knotting rather than weaving or knitting, which results in it being coarser with big lace pieces.

Layer something over it

If you prefer light delicate laces, try layering a knitted tunic over it. The lace-edged hem of a dress peeking out will lend the perfect touch of femininity to your outfit.

Pair it with a masculine outerwear

Masculine cuts will help to “neutralise” the sexiness of lace pieces. Work a blazer or a draped vest over your ensemble and you are good to go! You can also try pairing lace top with pants instead of a skirt to look more sharp and polished.

Tone down on your shoes

If you are going for a “busy” head-to-toe lace look in the form of a lace dress, keep the design of your shoes clean and minimal. You can also keep the heel height lower to make it more office friendly.

If you are still not convinced, you might want to test the waters on a day where you have no major meetings scheduled. If you feel overexposed, just dial back the degree of skin exposure by throwing on a blazer. Have fun!

You are going to find awesome tops, skirts, dresses, blouses, shirts and lightweight cardigans made of lace fabric.

So, before you take a look at these sexy images I want to make it clear, that this kind of wear shouldn’t be too much provocative, nor looking like a lingerie. — Online.

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