Apostle Chipendo releases debut album

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Apostle Chipendo releases debut album Lovemore KadzuraApostle Chipendo

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Lovemore Kadzura Weekender Correspondent
Rusape based gospel musician Apostle Passmore Chipendo has defied the odds and released his debut eight track album after many years of trying but encountering several challenges.

Apostle Chipendo’s debut album titled “Basa Renharirire” has eight tracks that are “Simba Rekukunda”, “Kufamba Netariro”, “Korona Yako”, “Sungano naJehovha”, “Swedera Pedyo”, “Nguva Irikupera”, “Pemberai” and “Nditaridzei”.

The musician, who is the chief security officer of Makoni Rural District Council said his initial idea was to write songs and give other artistes to sing but was persuaded to sing the songs himself by producers. He said he was inspired by fellow gospel musicians such as Pastor Haisa and Blessing Shumba. He added that he is not in music to seek financial rewards but to help spread the word of God through music as it reaches many people.

“I am very glad that I finally managed to record and release my debut album after many years of trying. What I initially wanted was to be a professional gospel song writer and give other full time artistes the songs. Song writing is where my strength lies. I was disappointed when I noted that most gospel artistes want to sing the songs they compose on their own. Rhumba outfit Diamond Musica liked my idea but we failed to agree when they wanted only Rhumba songs and I was offering gospel songs only.

“Then one producer advised me to sing my songs as they were too good to give other people and that led me to have this album. The album has been well received and a number of songs are receiving regular airplay on radio stations and also listeners are phoning requesting them to be played which is so encouraging.

“The message on this album is for people to repent and lead clean holy lives according to what God wants. Let us depend on God not human being and earthly belongings because everything will come to an end but God will forever be there.

“Work commitments are inhibiting us to perform live shows but it is our desire and wish that we tour the country spreading the word of God through music,” said the leader The Living Word group.

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