Anglican sexual abuse victim goes mum

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Anglican sexual abuse victim goes mum Mr Mutungura

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Ray Bande
Senior Reporter

INVESTIGATIONS into the Anglican Diocese of Manicaland sex scandal incriminating a senior reverend are being stalled by lack of cooperation from the complainant whose boyfriend is believed to be holding her hostage, church authorities have said.

The church’s education secretary, Reverend Edmond Zambe Samutereko is accused of bedding Maria Mwandirozva of Palmerstone, Mutare, while she was a student on attachment in the diocese’s accounts section.

The alleged illicit affair between Rev Samutereko and Mwandirozva was exposed by the latter’s boyfriend, Farari Hokoyo, after he had bumped into some lurid messages in the lady’s cellphone.

When contacted for comment, Anglican Diocese of Manicaland Registrar, Mr Ashel Mutungura said: “Our official position is that after seeing the social media messages, the Office of the Diocesan Registrar, in terms of the Constitution and Canon of the Anglican Church of the Province of Central Africa, has been authorised by the Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Manicaland to investigate the matter and deal with it in accordance with our Canon laws.

“However, it is believed that Mwandirozva is being held hostage by her boyfriend, she has not been forthcoming to talk to anyone,” said Mr Mutungura.

In a separate interview, Anglican Diocese of Manicaland, Bishop Eric Ruwona said they have been trying to reach out to the complainant whose rights were allegedly violated without any success.

“We are indeed investigating that case, but we have had a challenge in reaching out to the complainant. So far the people we sent on the ground to contact the complainant were told that they can only talk to her boyfriend.

“Both the boyfriend and the girlfriend have not yet turned up for inquiries. We hope to be through with the investigations in a few days,” said Bishop Ruwona.

Efforts by The Manica Post to get comments from Hokoyo and Mwandirozva also drew blanks as they were not forthcoming with information.

Their current location could not be ascertained.

“I have nothing to say. What was said is all true,” said Hokoyo in response to inquiries made by The Manica Post.

“I am sorry, I have no comment,” responded Mwandirozva to a message sent on her WhatsApp.

Allegations against Rev Samutereko are that he proposed love to Mwandirozva during her time as a student on attachment and she turned him down.

However, Rev Samutereko is alleged to have invited Mwandirozva to accompany him on a trip to his residential stand in Penhalonga.

While in Penhalonga, it is alleged that Rev Samutereko lured Mwandirozva into being intimate with him on the pretext that he would secure permanent employment for her.

The two allegedly got intimate at Rev Samutereko’s Penhalonga residential stand.

The matter only came to light after Mwandirozva visited her boyfriend’s residence in Chiredzi.

Hokoyo discovered somesexually suggestive messages in his girlfriend’s cellphone and confronted her, leading to her divulging everything.

It was reported that Hokoyo had made arrangements to formally introduce Mwandirozva to his family during the just-ended Heroes’ and Defence Forces holiday.


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