AFM church members in ugly fight

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AFM church members in ugly fight

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Tendai Gukutikwa Post Correspondent

CHAOS reigned supreme at the Apostolic Faith Mission’s Mercy City Assembly in Chikanga high-density suburb last Sunday after irate members ran amok and accused the church’s provincial secretary and his administration team of embezzling funds.

Angry congregants stopped the church service and demonstrated against the provincial overseer, Reverend Benson Katakwa, who had come to announce that the church was looking into the allegations being levelled against the administration team.

Rev Katakwa also announced the dissolution to the assembly body and the transfer of Rev Tinashe Shumbambiri and this sparked the mayhem.

Congregants who would not have their beloved pastor booted out started screaming and shouting at Rev Katakwa and his deputy, Rev Jeffrey Mutsaka.

Women rushed to the altar and cried as they prayed loudly, while some bayed for Rev Katakwa’s blood.

Rev Katakwa and his team made a hasty retreat and managed to escape before the angry congregants descended on them.

A probe into the alleged funds abuse was instituted after an anonymous letter was written to the church’s central provincial office.

A five-member committee was set up to look into the alleged financial abuses.

One of the major bone of contention was the issue of the church’s two stands which were allegedly bought for $65 000 and $15 000 respectively.

Congregants argued that they had gathered information to the effect that the stands had not been paid for in full, yet they had raised enough money for their purchasing.

Congregants fingered the church’s provincial secretary, Elder Watch Mugumbate and his team as the people who allegedly misappropriated the church money.

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