Abused girl refuses to return home

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Tendai Gukutikwa Post Correspondent—

A 17-YEAR-OLD Marange girl who was allegedly abducted by a boyfriend and forced into marriage through the ancient practice of  “musengabere” is frustrating efforts to rescue her by refusing to return to her parents.

The victim, whose name could not divulged, was doing Form 4 at a high school in Marange when she was prematurely waylaid into marriage by Nicholas Chibato (26).

Chibato allegedly locked the girl in his bedroom for three days.

The victim told The Manica Post that Chibato’s parents were around when the abusive incident occurred. They allegedly did nothing to restrain their son or rescue the victim.

The girl said this was done against her will.

Though her parents reported the forced marriage to police, but efforts to rescue her almost hit a snag after she refused to return to her parents’ home.

She begged to stay at Chibato’s homestead, arguing that she was now customarily married Nicholas since he had deflowered her.

Police had to handcuff her after she had adamantly refused to cooperate.

“I did not want to go back home because I might be pregnant for Nicholas. That is why I fought the police. We were lovers before he forced me into the marriage by locking me into his bedroom in the presence of his parents.

“Initially we had expectations to marry each other one day, possibly after I have finished school. When he abducted and locked into his bedroom, I took it. I found no fault with it since we were lovers,” she said.

The girl said she did not put up a fight when Nicholas deflowered her.

She said though it was against her will, she gave in to Nicholas’ sexual demands because her freedom was restricted and was weaker vessel.

The teenager’s parents are having none of it, claiming that their daughter was raped.

They have since filed a rape charge at Bambazonke Police Station.

The girl’s mother said Nicholas must be arrested since the ‘musengabere’ practice is illegal.

Chibato was not readily available for a comment.

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