A fool and his money…

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WHAT is it that we hear about this diamond dealer who went through a rough patch recently having fallen ‘‘from riches to rags’’ in the twinkling of an eye?

I mean the father of all fools who once made a fortune out of the illicit diamond deals and drove different posh cars around the city before crashing on hard times.

Many will remember him for that other classy ride that was eventually sold to this other ‘‘Man of God’’ who also later fell on hard times.

During the period that things did not work out well for him, Blabber vividly remembers how he used to beg touts for a ride to and from the ghetto as he could hardly afford to pay that small token for public transport.

Usually spotting a worn out yellow t-shirt, it seems the motor vehicle spare parts business project he tried to venture into could hardly provide enough for this boy.

Thank heavens the permanent feature of this chubby and flabby fella — the pot-belly — did not disappear during the period he went through a lean spell.

Word reaching Yours Truly is that he has suddenly found a way out of the quagmire and once again he is driving nice vehicles and dating different types and sizes of thigh vendors.

Blabber expected him, at least to draw lessons from his past experience, but it appears he has suddenly forgotten the tribulations he recently went through after he went broke.

Gentle reader, the boy is once again spending big time, splashing cash on expensive goodies as if there is no tomorrow.

Like they say, a fool and his money soon part ways!

Service station or adultery rendezvous?

Blabber has been wondering whether this other local service station still deserves to be called a filling station or else folks have to find a new name for it, a name that resonates with acts of adultery going on there.

Blabber is not driven by social media pranks and the cyber bullying stories that we read every day but real facts and to that end, Blabber is ascertaining a few issues before going to town about it.

Believe me, this is a juicy one that will soon make headlines either on your widely read column or elsewhere in this family newspaper.

Lead by example, please

Blabber is disturbed by the level of corruption at fuel filling stations dotted around the city where this other infamous law enforcer has turned herself into a petrol attendant.

While we expected her to do the right thing, it is regrettable that she is busy channelling the precious liquid to the black market for her own personal gains.

If you think Blabber is malicious and misinforming the public then be patient and wait for Blabber to gather all information and tie the loose ends before giving you, gentle reader, a blow-by-blow account of her modus operandi.

Watch my space!

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