A demon in our society

17 Mar, 2023 - 00:03 0 Views
A demon in our society Say no to drug abuse

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Stacey Muungani

Banners have been raised and awareness campaigns held, all in an effort to drive away the demon that has taken hold of our society.



That phrase has become the music of the day, but no one is willing to listen.

Softly, the demon came knocking on the doors of our society, promising to solve our problems, wipe away our tears and to give us maximum entertainment.

Our younger generation, with a broad smile, embraced the demon without knowing the consequences that come along with drug and substance abuse.

Slowly, the problem invaded our nation and took dominance, now a major problem stands staring straight in our faces with nothing but destructive intentions.

Cruelly taking reign in our communities, drug and substance abuse has caused torment and left scars on the face of the society. Scars that are impossible to conceal.

Our youths are now roaming up and down the streets, without a vision for the future and being deprived of a stable mindset.

Rushing into dark corners and hiding in drug havens, illegally taking drugs of every sort. Liquid, powder and even solid.

And then afterwards they behave recklessly with the drugs having a grip on their senses and controlling of them.

The whole nation is on a mission to help rescue the victims of this demon but addiction stands as a barrier no matter how hard we try.

Sadly the rescuers are running out of solutions and they are helplessly watching the victims slide down into a deep dark pit where hope for salvation is non-existent.

The chain of illegal drug and substance supply is a link that is too complex to cut off.

Now our younger citizens and even the older ones are living very ugly lifestyles.


And just like zombies they are drained, useless and hopeless, nothing else runs through their minds except the thoughts of how to get more and more of these drugs.

What they thought was an escape from their problems has proved to be an even bigger problem.


The young faces that once carried hope and determination are now dull, expressing the helplessness they feel.

Stacey Muungani is a student at First Class Academy.


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