34 undergo sports management course

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34 undergo sports management course The sports management course participants display their certificates

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Ray Bande
Senior Reporter

A TOTAL of 34 senior sportsmen from different disciplines as well as Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education officials went through a two-day Sports Management Level One Course conducted by Sports and Recreation Commission accredited sport delivery agent – Dronisport.

The well attended generic course saw senior and retired rugby, football, basketball and tennis players, such as former Buffaloes and Eastern Lions player, Prosper ‘Zhaki’ Matizanadzo and Mutare Sports Club rugby icon, Gideon Muyambo exchanging balls for pens and papers as they went through lessons on technical and etiquette aspects of sport.

Participants went through Sports Management Level One as well as Sports Coaching Theory Level One courses.

In an interview on the sidelines of the certification ceremony held at Sakubva Primary School on Sunday morning, Dronisport executive director, Daniel Kuwengwa said the initiative is meant to capacitate participants with skills for the benefit of the brand of the country’s sports industry.

“We are targeting headmasters, teachers, club executives and all stakeholders in sports structures across the industry. We are trying to make sports accessible and develop an integrated approach where we are mixing all sports stakeholders under one roof so that when we implement programmes we have a shared vision on expectations and aspirations.

“It helps in proper governance of sports. It also helps in proper coaching in clubs. We are saying without proper coaching, we can only come up with a poor brand and with a poor brand we cannot attract sponsorship as an industry,” said Kuwengwa.

In a separate interview on the sidelines of the same event, Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education’s Mutare District Schools Inspector, Edson Mapungwana said such courses are valuable to the education sector.

“Courses of this nature are crucial to the education sector. They enhance proper and effective management of sporting activities in our schools. Many of these participants are school teachers who are managing school teams, hence the need for them to be equipped with requisite sporting knowledge.

“When we have tournaments, we know we will be having individuals who know what they will be doing. It is against that background that the courses are quite valuable to our education sector,” said Mapungwana.

SRC Manicaland provincial coordinator, Shupikai Berejena said: “Sport education is key when it comes to sports development in the country. We need more of these courses now especially after having gone through the Covid-19 lay-off where nothing was happening in terms of training and coaching of different sports genres. This is a welcome development that we sincerely hope will be amplified and have more participants going through the same for the good of sport in the country.”


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