10 years for killing wife

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10 years for killing wife The mother was jailed for brutally assaulting her daughter and burning her mouth

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Tendai Kwaramba
Post Reporter

A CHIMANIMANI man will spend the next 10 years in jail after fatally assaulting his wife for failing to buy him some beer.

Amos Gwinya was convicted of murder as defined in Section 47(1)(a) or (b) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act, Chapter 9:23 by Mutare High Court judge, Justice Isaac Muzenda last week.

Mr Malvern Musarurwa prosecuted.

The court heard that on March 6, 2020 at Mutambara Mission staff quarters in Chimanimani, Gwinya demanded money for alcohol from his wife, Nyasha Mudzimu.

When she didn’t give him anything, he physically attacked her all over the body.

Mudzimu, who was a teacher at Mutambara Mission, sustained serious injuries and died on April 6.

Testifying in court, Mudzimu’s domestic worker, Anymore Mabvira, said she heard Gwinya demanding money from Mudzimu.

She said she later heard Mudzimu shouting that Gwinya was killing her.

In the company of neighbours, Mabvira knocked on Mudzimu’s bedroom door.

When Gwinya opened the door, Mudzimu was lying on the floor.

“Mudzimu got up and tried to escape. While in the passage, Gwinya punched her with a fist on the forehead. Mudzimu managed to escape, but Gwinya followed her. While outside, she fell down and Gwinya dragged her for about eight metres.

“He kicked and stamped on her body before neighbours could restrain him,” testified Mabvira.

Mudzimu became unconscious and was frothing from the mouth and nose.

She was rushed to Mutambara Mission Hospital before being transferred to Victoria Chitepo Provincial Hospital.

However, she succumbed to the injuries and died a month later.
Dr Dominic Nkulu who carried out a post-mortem on Mudzimu concluded that the cause of death was due to head injuries.

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